Cord Controller


Former Phoenix Councilman and Screamin' Javelinas Band member Claude Mattox writes:

"As a musician that roadies my own equipment, avoiding the spaghetti of tangled cords, especially in my gear box, is a constant challenge. After using the cord controller reusable cord organizer for microphone, guitar and power cords, my gear box is neat and cords are easy to find, making set up and tear down simpler. I recommend Cord Controller to anyone who has to deal with storage and use of multiple cords." -Claude Mattox

Carol Curl from Hillsboro, Oregon says:

"Cord Controllers are great to use with cords on floor and table lamps. It keeps the excess cords neat and tidy and pleasing to look at. I use the ex small purple in my bathroom for the counter lamp. It matches my décor and gives me more room on the counter. I also use the beige small Cord Controller for the excess cord on my floor lamps. No one can trip on the excess cord as it is neatly wrapped and secured against the wall. I highly recommend the Cord Controller."

Sandy K. from Dallas, Texas writes:

"Cord Controllers are so wonderful for storing my pet’s leashes. After I walk “the boys”, I simply use Cord Controllers and hang the leashes on hooks. This keeps them clean, neat and ready for our next walk. I highly recommend using Cord Controllers for organization. No anxiety or frustration, when trying to find your pet leashes while the dogs are nipping at your ankles!"

Cathy Howard from Canby, Oregon writes:

The Cord Controller's are awesome for traveling. I use them to secure the cords on my hair dryer and curling iron. I just loop the cord, insert into the Cord Controller's and put them into my large beauty care bag. The cords are held secure, do not tangle and there is no mess in my bag. Everything is very neat. I highley recommend the Cord Controller's for use in traveling.

Michelle B. from Bellevue, WA writes

I love the Cord Controllers. They are so versatile. I not only use them for all my cords around my home and garage, but also use them to store my make up brushes and chain jewelry when I travel, carrying pens and pencils in my purse and the small and medium size Controllers to corral my equipment cords under my office desk. I would highly recommend them for a variety of uses.