Suggested Usage

Housewares & Garage


In the kitchen…The truth is, Cord Controller solves cord storage challenges for hundreds of uses.  But maybe it’s the kitchen where we see organized results immediately. 

The toaster, blender, mixer and coffeemaker, even the iron – imagine cords neat, tidy, tucked away and ready for use at a moment’s notice without detangling or ugly dangling.  De-clutter counter space in a snap.  Grab appliances in a cabinet without tugging.  Cord Controller allows you to wrap, tuck and detangle in minutes.  The luxury of being organized is finally yours!    Fast.  Neat. Easy. 

In the garage… From the master gardener to the everyday handyman, everyone knows the value of organization in the garage.  When it’s time to pull out a 150-foot extension cord, grab a rope or twine, it’s got to be ready for use now.  Save time and frustration forever.  Cord Controller allows the household and industrial user alike to wrap, tuck and detangle these items for good.  They’re ready for use every time.



When traveling…On the road, Cord Controller saves time; portable items are packed with ease: hair dryers, curling irons, not to mention charger cables for phones, iPads, iPods, notebooks and more.  With Cord Controller, they're safely tucked away and ready for the rigors of travel.  Plus, Cord Controller color options now allow family members to clearly identify whose cables are whose! Save space, tuck into suitcases or briefcases and leave cord chaos behind.  Fast. Neat. Easy!  Enjoy your trip.  



Computers & Video Equipment…it’s the printer, fax machine, modem, router, TV cables and more.  It’s enough to make you throw your hands up and surrender!  But with Cord Controller, you win!  The unsightly “chaos under-the-desk” is easily resolved – for good!  No more visual clutter. No more mental fluster.   Most important of all, Cord Controller tucks them away from children and pets, too.  Fast. Neat.  Easy!

More Uses:

Holiday lights… Holiday season is a joy and even better without wrestling tangled lights, garland, beads and more. No ‘ugh…’ when opening those annual boxes of Christmas and Hanukah decorations. Cord Controller tidies up seasonal storage fast!

Campers unite! Cord Controller is that go-to item that makes communing with nature a breeze. Cords, ropes and more are neatly tucked away, ready for immediate use just when you need them.

Boat enthusiasts...How to enjoy a leisurely – or rigorous – day on the water if your gear is not readily usable? Ropes, ties – you name it, you must have it when you need it. Enhances safety onboard, too. With Cord Controller, relax, unwind, it’s there ready to be unfurled.

Industrial…Backstage Crews…Construction Sites.  It’s safety first on the industrial front.  Saving time is a close second.  Whether it’s in the warehouse, backstage or on the job site, Cord Controller is a durable necessity to keep electrical cords unsnarled for good, with sizes available for nearly any use imaginable.  Save time, increase productivity, make the job a bit easier.

Cord Controller for pet leashes, pen/pencil holders, crafts…You get the picture.  Cord Controller just might be the most accessible storage solution in decades.

Don’t dream of efficiency.  Live it.  Put Cord Controller to work for you…now!  Fast.  Neat.  Easy!