Fast. Neat. Easy!

Cord Controller in Black

Cord Controller is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

  • X-SmallSuitable for notebooks and mobile chargers Available in:
  • SmallSuitable for kitchen appliance cords Available in:
  • MediumSuitable for travel use
    Available in:
  • LargeSuitable for office computer cords
    Available in:
  • X-LargeSuitable for large extension cords
    Available in:

Cord Controller is also available in multi packs.

Cord Controller

Cord Controller: one of the best storage solutions ever!

The Common Cord Challenge. Consider the number of times each day you wrap an electrical cord, struggle with tangled cell phone or iPad chargers, contend with ongoing cord commotion when charging your laptop, or connecting an external hard drive. And please, don’t look under the desk at that maze of tangled printer, modem and router cables!

Not to mention home appliance cords on countertops and in cabinets, tangled cords behind a lamp and especially the jumble of extension cords in the garage. What to do with hair dryer or flat iron cords when you travel? And every year the hassle of holiday decorating because of scrambled lights, garland and more?

The list goes on.

Cord Controller is the Solution. With Cord Controller, you quickly and easily transform a life of entanglement into streamlined organization. Fast. Neat. Easy!

Yes you can actually breathe a sigh of relief!

Cord Controls saves space and time by instantly creating tidy storage areas, uncluttered countertops and visually inviting corner spaces – in a snap. Tucked neatly into Cord Controller, cord chaos is avoidable forever. No longer will cord chaos reign supreme.

Fast. Neat. Easy!

Did you know...
71 percent of home accidents
occur because the elderly or young trip over extension cords!
Now, with Cord Controller – some accidents might be prevented.

Patent No. 8042232