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Cord Controller is a solutions-driven manufacturing company, and maker of the patented product that delivers the luxury of organization for thousands of uses each day.  Wherever an electrical cord, cable rope or more is dangling, Cord Controller delivers a neat and easy remedy to detangling and storage at home, office and job site; during travel and recreation, and more.

Cord Controller

Cord Controller was imagined, designed and developed by company President Karen J. Mask who sought a product that created convenient, attractive and worry-free storage of the ubiquitous electrical cord.  During her more than 20 years leading a construction management company that oversaw major public works projects, Karen instinctively identified the need for a safe and convenient organizational product that could be used to quickly secure cords and cables on job sites across the country.  Today her invention delivers a powerhouse storage solution, manufactured internationally and available on Amazon.com.

Patent No. 8042232